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“Happiness comes from the full understanding of your own being”

Marina Abramovic

Hi, i’m Natalie

Art is at the core of my being . I want to share how I see the world through art. I’m currently a student who is passionate about art, photography and architecture. I love painting, drawing and visiting exhibitions. Alongside creating art, I love learning about art history and about artists who are shaping our world today. Here, on my blog, are a collection of reviews, thoughts and discoveries focused on exploring the art world and how it shapes us .I hope I can inspire you to explore the world of art and recognise how much it plays a part in our society ❤

Mark Wallinger Checkmate! Analysis

Checkmate! SITE: 10000000000000000 Wallinger’s SITE: 10000000000000000 consists of thousands of differently shaped stones placed individually on the black and white squares (65,536 in specific). These are placed on an extended chessboard that extends to the main floor area of the room in which they’re exhibited. Though the artwork is quite self-explanatory in its appearance being rocks placed on…

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Philippe Soussan Analysis: Are we decieved by reality?

Shirt and Chair: Soussan is able to bend our perception of reality. He does this by deceiving the viewer with materials. Although the viewer may know what they are looking at at the first glimpse, they are proven wrong by the collaboration between ready-made objects and paper photographs/drawings. He replaces familiarity with a sense of distortion. His work…

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My notes from Christopher Bucklow’s Essay – ‘The Lens Within the Heart: Bacon’s Memory Theatre’

Francis Bacon’s work challenged everything I initially knew about art. Art to many is dominated by the creations of the ‘masters’ and is thought to be strictly a fine art practice of achieving beauty and perfection used for economic benefit. However, when examined closely, art is a manifestation of our entire existence- a manifestation of our individual human…

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